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What are Yodlee & Mint?

January 6, 2012

So before we compare the two systems, we should probably go over what they are.

In the simplest terms, Mine & Yodlee are two system that help you do your banking and finances.  Both systems work by you providing your logins and passwords for all your financial websites (bank, credit cards, etc).  The system then log into those sites on your behalf and download all your transactions.  They then display them for you in a nice interface to keep everything all in one place.

Why are these system so nice?  You don’t have to do anything except verify everything gets recorded properly.  You don’t have to download your transactions from the bank.  You don’t have to import them into an offline program.  You don’t have to categorize most of the transactions.

When the systems work right, they are truly great and make tracking your finances really easy.  However, neither system is perfect.  Each has certain things they do great and certain things they do poorly.  Hopefully after reading these posts, you will be able to try out the systems with ease since you’ll already know which piece of each system work well and which don’t.


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  1. Art M. permalink

    Early Mint used Yodlee to download account information. Worked fine. After Intuit bought Mint they switched to Intuit download back engine. Nothing but trouble.

  2. Hugfh Pullin permalink

    Both these programs are great for the lay person who just wants to see a good picture of their every day expenses and the home owner. And it is free Thanks!!

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