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January 9, 2012

One of the main screens that you will see when you use either system is the Transaction view.  Before we go any further, it’s important to note that Yodlee has two versions of it’s program the “old” version is version 9 and the “new” version is version 10.  The general consensus is that most people don’t like version 10.  It’s very segregated, everything is in little boxes.  It was written with Flash and is incredibly slow.  Changing screens can take up to 15 seconds jut to load one page.

Most people have chosen to revert back to version 9 which you can do by clicking on the Yodlee Time Machine and choosing the version you want.

Below you can see screenshots of the three Transaction screens.

Yodlee Version 10

Yodlee Version 9


The basic information shown from all three systems is transaction data such as a description, date, category, and dollar amount.  The one extra field is that Yodlee 9 (Y9)  also shows the account that the item was from.  In the other tow views you have to select the item to view the details to see which account the transaction belongs to.

In all three views, you can easily select to view transactions from only a specific account or to view transactions from all accounts.   You can also change the description, category, or other information by simply clicking the item to change.

You can see that in Mint and Y9, the information is a simple web page that you can scroll through.  They have no frills and load very quickly.  You can choose how many transactions to display per page.  In Y10 the transactions are shown in a small window.  You can drag the bar down to view more but it’s not very easy to see a lot.

Also, the box on the right side of the screen in Y10 can not be removed.  You can click the icon to shrink the box but you can’t remove it and can’t expand the transaction window to take up more space.  Unfortunately when they tried to make Y10 look so “pretty” or “snazzy”, they did so at a huge loss of performance and usability.

Another difference is the look of changing categories.  This is an example of the Bad Usability in Y10.  In the images below, you can see that in Mint, you can see your whole category list when you want to reassign something.  Y9 is similar as you get a large window to pick your categories.  However, in Y10, you get a tiny, little window and have to scroll through your huge list.  It’s very hard to miss what you’re looking for since you have such a tiny window.



That’s all for tonight.  Next time we’ll look into some other differences you will encounter when working with transactions.


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