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Split Transactions

January 13, 2012

As you record your purchases in any financial system, you will inevitably come across some transactions that need to be split amongst multiple categories.  Both Mint and Yodlee can handle this, but Yodlee does it properly and Mint does it in a lame way.

When splitting a category in Yodlee 9, simply click the Split link, enter the appropriate amounts with the categories, and then save the changes.  Yodlee will display the transaction in the normal list, but will show Split in the category column.  When you click the item it will then expand to show you the individual categories.

Click Split and enter the amounts & categories

Click the + to expand the section to view the split information

When splitting categories in Mint, you have to expand the transaction by clicking Details.  You then click the Split button.  You  enter in the appropriate amounts and categories and click Save.  The difference is that Mint then removes the original transaction and replaces it with the split transactions in the main list.  This causes all kinds of confusion because if you try to compare Mint’s transaction list with your bank or credit card statement or receipts, you won’t be able to match them up because it looks like multiple transactions instead of one.

Click Details to view this screen and then click Split

Enter the split information

Notice how Mint removes the original transaction and displays the split info as two separate transactions

No one seems to know why Mint chooses to handle split transactions in such a dumb way, but repeated requests for them to fix it have been ignored like most other bug fix requests on the Mint website.  So, if you can live with this issue, that’s great.  If you can’t, I wouldn’t hold your breath for Mint to fix it.


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