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Manual Transactions

January 23, 2012

Both Mint and Yodlee allow you to enter manual transactions if you know of something before it hits the accounts.  Mint has very basic features and Yodlee has more advanced features.

With Mint, you have the ability to enter Date, Description, Category, and amount.  You can also choose if it is Cash, a Check, or a pending transaction that will show up from the automatic download.  When the pending transaction shows up, it will associated with it and then apply to the proper account.

Manual Transactions - Mint

With Yodlee, you have the ability to enter Date, Description, Category, and amount just like Mint.  However, you also can enter the account it is for and you can make it recurring.  So for any items you have that come out every month, you can add them in ahead of time to better forecast your cash flow ahead of time.

Manual Transactions - Yodlee

Mint has no recurring option so entering manual transactions ahead of time is a nightmare if you really want to enter all your transactions.  However since Mint doesn’t have a running balance anyway, forecasting your cash flow is pretty near impossible.  If you always have plenty of money in your account to cover everything, forecasting might not be a big deal.  However, if you ever cut it close and need to know what your balance might be in a week, Yodlee can predict that much better.


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  1. Lee permalink

    Can you tell me how you handle cash transactions? Usually after I withdraw from my atm, I like to spend my cash in various ways (and categorize accordingly). With mint, it provides a “deduct from my last atm transaction” option. I couldn’t find anything like that with yodlee.

  2. What I do is simply not put any categorization on the ATM withdrawal since taking money out isn’t spending it, you’re just changing where it’s stored. Then as I spend the money, I categorize those transactions like I would anything else.

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